for my late brother-in-law, Dave Hollenbeck, whose memory keeps me from getting mad at golf.

Big grin
Quick as tropical sunrise
With a long, slow spreading warmth behind.

The most positive man I ever knew
Not smarmy positive
Not second-hand Cadillac, sure-as-shooting
But deep-down, soaked-in, committed positive
The kind that takes courage
And strength.

A fighter
Though you’d not know it
To see him with the kids,
His kids, my kids, anybody’s kids.

The weaver sits
And snips
The threads of destiny.
Why this one?
So good a man
Ten billion strands twisted
Into the growing tapestry of our world.
Why this one?



© 2007, 2010. Michael Bruce-Lockhart. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without the author's permission.