Inside of Me

What a nerd! I ordered my very first pc (not my first computer, of course) in December 1981 and it was seriously boss! A removable hard drive (5 MB!), 640K of memory and a floating point co-processor. I managed to get it at cost - $8,000! But, home computers were very rare in those days...

I have this secret voice
That sings inside of me
Though I find it hard
To talk of it.

How do I share with others
What I feel
Or rather
What I am feeling.
(It is in a state of flux,

I mean
Who could I tell
That I ordered my computer today.
Who could I talk to about the rush
Who wouldn't think,
That to be turned on by a machine
Wasn't just a little



© 1981, 2010. Michael Bruce-Lockhart. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without the author's permission.