She Told Me

79.03.13 (published in Tickle Ace during the 80’s)

She told me her cat had had kittens
And I, not much for small talk
Clicked out ...

And walked the deepening streets
Treading soft on cat light feet
The ranks of silent houses slipping past
Shrouded tight
The night world locked out and left
To me.

Sliding sinews
And the quick slip press of pavement on padding feet,
Prickling touch of air,
A snatch of speech that murmurs down,
Hangs uncertain, and then retreats.

Wrapped in the night feel.

And the houses slide back into the black behind.
And the alleys slide back
All details peeled
Leaving only the flow and the black behind
And the night feel
And the stalking, strange,
Sense-of-myself strength
Of the cat feel.



© 1979, 2010. Michael Bruce-Lockhart. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without the author's permission.