Two of You

The baby of this piece is, of course, Callam. Pretty good entry into the sweepstakes of the world!

Oh my love
Be not so jealous of my muse
She is no threat to you
And you should know it.
Orthoganal ladies
Your presence can only add
Each to the other.

I cannot lay with her,
At least in our sense,
Although, as you well know,
She is a most seductive lady.
Orthoganality is just to say,
There is no competition.

Are the warm spot in the middle of my back
In the middle of the night;
My friend, my lady, my lover,
The - dare I say it - the
Mother of my baby.

Screw that.
Our baby. Our entry into the sweepstakes
Of the world.

Is my mistress
And my taskmaster.
The flick of her whip comes
Unbidden in the night
And makes me jump.
A few brief hours of frenzy,
Then she fades
Back into a swirl of diapers and bridge and
The ordinary everyday days of our living.

So when you go away
Taking a bright-eyed babe to see
Your sister
Then call me and ask,
"Do I miss you?

Once in a while
I need a little time
For my pale lady.


© 1984, 2010. Michael Bruce-Lockhart. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without the author's permission.