Although Greatlander, my first novel, has been epublished via the distributor Smashwords since January, it has only made it to Amazon in August. For more details, see CoolPond, my publishing website.

CoolPond has more about Greatlander, such as the map that Smashwords engine is as yet unable to get into the Kindle version of the book. If you want to discuss the book itself, please address your queries/comments via CoolPond's site.

The Baron of Mutchley, the sequel to Greatlander, is due out this summer. More up-to-date information will appear on CoolPond.


Work Poem is about the joys of engineering design. It is also a tribute to the late Jim Hardenbrrok, the finest engineer I ever knew. It was published and may be found in A Charm Against The Pain, Flanker Press (the imprint is actually Pennywell Books), ISBN 978-1-894463-96-6.

She Told Me: published in TickleAce during the 80's (no longer in press)

...and Always for Carole: this has been posted in our powder room for years.

Dave: for my late brother-in-law, Dave Hollenbeck.

Again: an old poem about staying in the game

Lost: another old poem.

Talk Much: yet another old poem, this time about isolation

Two of You: Ideas would pop into my head in the middle of the night and I would get up to write.

Inside of Me: the guilty pleasure of ordering my first IBM pc